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Girls Equipment

The following equipment is required to play girls youth lacrosse:

  • Lacrosse Stick (girls)
  • Goggles
  • Mouth Guard
  • Cleats
  • Girls Lacrosse Helmet: Optional

The lacrosse stick

The lacrosse stick you choose for your daughter will really have an impact of how fast they pick up the game. It's really unfortunate and unlike other youth sports where a piece of equipment can have so much influence in the sport itself. Unfortunately the difference between a beginner stick and an intermediate one is VERY noticeable. We commonly compare it to using a straight blade stick in hockey vs a good curved blade. The good news is there are a lot of options and with the help of you coach they should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Girls' sticks and heads are not the same as boys! Sticks and stringing are both regulated by different rules, you must have a girl's stick!

There are really three parts to a lacrosse stick. The shaft, head and pocket. The shaft is what you hold onto. The head is the plastic attached to the top of the shaft (more detailed being the scoop, sidewall and throat). The Mesh and/or strings inside the Head is the pocket (where the ball sits).

East Side Lacrosse in Woodbury has been great to our youth program.  They donate gear to us, offer discounts and do a really good job restringing heads. They also price match. For 2021 listed below are their 3 best recommendations on new sticks.

U8 and under: Maverik Erupt ST $49

U10 to U14: STX Exult w/Crux Pro mesh $99

High School: Stringking Mark 2 Offense w/Composite Handle is $219. Alain (owner) will do that one for $180 if you ask for the Coach Brett special.

The head and pocket

Girls' sticks and heads are not the same as boys! Sticks and stringing are both regulated by different rules, you must have a girl's stick.

We can't emphasize how important a good pocket is. In 2018 stringing rules and technologies changed to allow mesh for the women's game. Our recent experience shows mesh stringing to be a great option vs traditional stringing (pictured above) . The new mesh is similar to what is used by boys sticks. Mesh increases control and makes cradling easier. A legally strung pocket will allow the ball to roll freely from top to bottom of the head, but the ball should still have a resting spot just under the shooting strings. UNLIKE Boys' sticks, the ball must be even with or visible just ABOVE the sidewall when dropped into the pocket and slight pressure is applied. Girls lacrosse all sticks are checked before EVERY game because pockets stretch over time. We will teach you how to adjust the strings before each game.

how to pick a good stick (and fit it)

The head and pocket of a stick is MUCH more important than the shaft, ALWAYS choose a good head over the shaft. Stick length rules specify a total (Stick w/ Butt & Head) length of 90-110 cm or you can use 36"-43" safely. A stick can be cut down if a girl is small, but ASK A COACH before doing this!! A common rule of thumb is to have your daughter hold her stick about 3 fists down from the head. Then have her hold her arm out straight and rotate her wrist so the stick is parallel to her arm. Whatever part of the shaft is sticking out past her armpit, give or take an inch, can be cut down to 36". This makes a big difference for young girls passing and catching.


***NEW FOR 2020*** 

Beginning January 1, 2020, all eyewear must be SEI certified to the current ASTM standard F3077 in order to be regarded as legal for play. 

Lacrosse goggles are pretty straight forward. There are a lot of options and colors. Basically the more you spend, the lighter they weigh and the more comfortable they are. 

Mouth guard

  • Mouth guards CANNOT be clear, white, or have teeth drawn on them
  • The best safety advice on this comes from you dentist
  • Many girls say they like Sisu guards for breath ability, and because you can communicate better


Any soccer or lacrosse cleat (boys or girls) will work for girls lacrosse. The fit on a cleat is mostly about personal preference. Many girls find the medium or high top cleats protect their ankles better


Helmets are becoming more popular every day. There is only one approved helmet available made by cascade. They are optional and most likely won't be required anytime soon.